Treating Smiles With Advanced Technology

Treating Smiles With Advanced Technology

Our goal is to help our patients in Independence, MO, and surrounding communities enjoy better oral health, avoiding complications that could lead to discomfort and tooth loss. To help preserve oral health and improve overall beauty and function, our team employs a number of advanced treatment options, from digital x-rays to same-day dental crowns with CAD/CAM technology.

We tackle steps to not only improve treatment with technology but to also help the environment and prevent energy waste. For example, we use solar panels to power our tools, relying on energy from the sun! Our office also uses geothermal energy to provide a more renewable means of powering our lights and tools too. Not to mention storing information digitally to prevent paper waste and save trees at the same time.

We implement advanced technology when our team examines your smiles too! First, we begin your exam with a series of digital x-rays. Taking x-rays digitally uses a fraction of the radiation, and the images don’t require lengthy development in harsh chemicals. Instead, we have clear and detailed pictures available instantly chairside, so we can better identify areas of concern and even walk you through the diagnostic process. For further accuracy and precision, we also use intraoral digital cameras to gather images for a diagnosis and to help design appliances and restorations, including dental crowns.

The intraoral camera we mentioned above? We even use those images to design and create a restoration like a crown or veneer in just one visit! No need for temporaries or multiple visits, instead with a CAD/CAM system, our team creates lifelike dental crowns in one sitting, so you leave with a healthier and more attractive smile.

Did you know we also incorporate laser technology to treat your smiles? With the LANAP® dental laser, our team can reshape gum lines to improve symmetry and correct gummy smiles, and also remove diseased tissues to address infection or gum disease. The lasers are quiet, and offer treatment with no need for anesthesia. They also reduce the risk of bleeding and infection following the procedure! If you have any questions about our use of advanced technology in diagnosing and treating smiles in our community, or if you would like to schedule a visit, then contact our team today.

We want to help people of all ages in our community enjoy healthy, strong, and beautiful smiles for years to come. To learn more about the advanced treatment options we offer for our smiles, schedule a consultation by contacting Independence Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Independence, MO, today at 816-350-0808. We also proudly serve patients who live in Grain Valley, Liberty, and all surrounding communities.