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At Scott Roberson, DDS, FAGD, we believe in offering excellent holistic dentistry to every patient ready to receive care. This means regardless of your budget, we will do our best to ensure you and everyone who enters our practice receives the same level of quality healthcare.

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Payment Options for Your Dental Care

Our dedication to providing all of our patients with high-quality dental care doesn’t stop at the services we offer but also includes the variety of payment options that help you make the most of your dental insurance and benefits. Though often confused as being the same, dental insurance and dental benefits are actually two different entities.
Depending on your needs, you may call on one or the other to help lighten the burden of your dental health care expenses. Usually, which one is apropos to your treatment depends on the nature of the procedure you’re receiving, and whether or not it’s a mandatory or elective procedure.

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What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is usually purchased through an insurance provider, either individually or through your employer. Typically, your dental insurance plan will cover a predetermined amount or percentage of any mandatory dental treatment.
Such procedures might include dental checkups and cleanings, or other treatment that is vital to maintaining your oral and overall health. The specifics of your dental insurance, such as the premium you pay and its relevance to your current dental care needs, differ from patient to patient.
To help make your visit less stressful, we’ll file your insurance for you, though we advise making sure that you know the out-of-pocket costs before receiving treatment, just in case.

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What are Dental Benefits?

Similar to dental insurance, dental benefits help soften the financial blow of your dental treatment. However, benefits are often more relevant in elective procedures that aren’t a dire necessity.
Dental benefits can also be awarded through your employer, and can be used towards more elective procedures, like cosmetic porcelain veneers.
In most cases, your dental benefits won’t affect your insurance plan, so you should still have adequate dental insurance when it’s time for mandatory dental care.

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Options For Dental Benefits

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Filing Insurance

We accept all dental insurance and will be happy to file your insurance for you. However, we suggest that you contact your insurance provider before visiting us to determine costs in advance.
At Scott Roberson, DDS, FAGD, we are in-network with the following providers:


No Insurance? No Problem!

For patients without insurance, we are proud to offer our Premium Plus in-house plan.
Please complete the form below and return it to our office to enroll.
Call our office with any questions.



We hope you will consider our financing option if affordability is a concern, so you may receive the dental care you deserve.
Dr. Roberson offers CareCredit, a third-party, financing company endorsed by the ADA that offers low monthly payment options.


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If you have any questions regarding payment, dental insurance, or financing, please call and speak with our friendly team at 816-350-0808, so we can provide you with answers and schedule an appointment that works for you.