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Rejuvenate Your Gum Health

In some cases, patients experience gum inflammation and redness beyond occasional irritation. If Dr. Roberson diagnoses you with gum disease, we suggest you visit us for periodontics immediately, so we may quickly guide you back toward comfortable, health gums.
When you don’t treat periodontal disease soon enough, and it becomes a big enough problem to destroy your gum tissues, the infection can keep going until it reaches your jawbone. Along with your gum tissues, your jawbone comprises much of the support that your teeth rely on to bite and chew. Because of how it attacks, severe periodontal disease (periodontitis) is the main cause of adult tooth loss, and treatment may include fortifying your jawbone to replace the teeth that you’ve lost.

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What To Expect From Periodontics

Periodontics is the field of dentistry, which deals with the supportive structures surrounding your teeth. These structures may include your gums, ligaments, and jawbone. When plaque sticks to your teeth and moves beneath your gumline, inflammation and infection may occur. We call this periodontal disease, or gum disease.

Dr. Roberson will recommend scaling and root planing to improve your gum health. This procedure is a “deep cleaning” that will thoroughly remove the plaque from your teeth and beneath your gumline. Dr. Roberson will also smooth the surface of your teeth, which may suffer erosion during gum disease. In some cases, he may suggest laser treatment to treat periodontal infection.

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The Advantages Of Periodontics

Saying “yes” to periodontics can greatly improve your daily comfort, your gum health, and protects the health of your teeth. Ensuring the health of your oral cavity’s supportive framework is essential in maintaining complete oral health. Look over the following advantages of periodontal care:

    In its earliest stage called “gingivitis,” gum disease is reversible with periodontal care.
    By stopping gingivitis before it progresses into periodontitis, you protect your mouth from damage like jawbone deterioration and tooth loss.
    Because you cannot address plaque through your own efforts, visiting us for care will quickly set you back on track for daily comfort and efficient daily home hygiene.

The Need for Bone Grafting

A jawbone graft involves utilizing bone from a donor source (usually from another part of your upper or lower jaw) and grafting it to a weaker section of the jaw. Patients who lose teeth to gum disease can have a significantly weaker bone structure at the site of tooth loss. If necessary, a graft can help strengthen it to support a dental implant or other tooth replacement option, and to promote faster healing of the gum tissues.

Your Dental Needs

We suggest you visit us to discuss periodontics if you notice a change in your gum health. Common symptoms of periodontal disease include the following:

    Swollen gums.
    Gums that feel tender to the touch.
    Red gums.
    Purple gums.
    Loose teeth.
    Tender gums that bleed easily.
    Painful chewing
    Gum recession.

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