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Bonding and Contouring in Independence, Missouri

Refining Your Smile

We often find that patients with simple aesthetic imperfections feel negatively toward their entire smile. Fortunately if you suffer from a minor problem like a chipped or extremely pointed tooth, we can address your concerns with bonding and contouring.


Bonding And Its Benefits

Bonding is a cosmetic treatment that replaces or fills in areas of missing tooth tissue, or covers problem spots. Dr. Roberson will use composite, the synthetic-resin material we use for tooth-colored fillings, to improve the appearance of your smile. He will build-up the composite like a sculpture to fix a chipped tooth, or to fill gaps between teeth. Or, he may paint a thin layer over a stain. The benefits of this treatment include the following:

    Improvement of cracks or chips.
    The illusion that your teeth touch one another in the case of gapped teeth.
    The extension of a too-short tooth.
    Bonding offers a cost-effective alternative to other treatments like veneers.

Contouring And Its Advantages

Contouring is a cosmetic treatment that improves your teeth by removing tissue, rather than rebuilding. Dr. Roberson will carefully remove small portions of your tooth’s outermost layer using a polishing tool. This procedure allows him to gently reshape your tooth for the following benefits:

    Smoothing of a pointed or jagged tooth.
    Reduction of a too-long tooth.
    Improvement of a tooth that appears slightly crooked or overlapping a neighboring tooth.
    May improve the appearance of a crowded smile without orthodontics.
    Contouring is a budget-friendly option.
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If you desire an improved tooth shape, length, texture, a concentrated stain, or would like to address gaps or mild tooth rotation, you may make an excellent candidate for dental bonding and dental contouring. By addressing a single imperfection, you can regain the uniformity of your entire smile.
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