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Dental Bridges in Independence, Missouri

Enjoy A Complete Smile

Are you embarrassed by the open spaces in your smile? If you have one missing tooth or more than one missing teeth in a row, you can regain a healthy, beautiful smile with the help of a custom-fitted dental bridge.


What To Expect From Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthetic, or teeth replacement device, that we use to restore your smile. Bridges consist of a series of connected dental crowns color-matched to your remaining teeth for a beautiful, natural-looking finish. Due to the nature of their design, bridges can only replace one tooth or multiple teeth in a row.
On either end of the bridge is a dental crown that fits over the tooth on either side of the open space in your mouth. We will permanently cement the bridge into your mouth. The remaining crowns that rest between the end crowns will rest against your gums, replacing your missing teeth.

The Advantages Of Dental Bridges

Choosing a dental bridge for missing teeth offers many wonderful advantages if you would like restore your smile. Consider the following benefits of choosing a dental bridge at Scott A. Roberson, DDS, FAGD:

    By replacing missing teeth, you restore the brilliance of your smile for increased self-esteem.
    Replacing missing teeth allows you to chew foods successfully and comfortably, so you can indulge in favorites and enjoy improved nutrition.
    Even one missing tooth can cause daily discomfort – restoring your smile with this fixed device reveals an improved daily quality of life.
    You will no longer struggle with clear, articulate speaking.
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Your Dental Needs

If you are missing one tooth, or more than one tooth in a row, and you prefer a fixed prosthetic over a removable option – like partial dentures – you make an excellent candidate for a dental bridge.
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