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The Ultimate In Stability

Rather than relying on removable or fixed prosthetics, you can achieve the free-standing complete tooth replacement you desire with dental implants.


What To Expect From Dental Implants

Dental implants thoroughly replace your missing tooth. Unlike other dental prosthetics, which replace only the portion above your gumline, dental implants replace your roots. Above your gumline, we use what we call a “restoration” to replace the visible portion of your tooth that rests above your gumline. Consider the following explanations for a clear understanding of this type of prosthetic:

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    Is a titanium post that Dr. Roberson will place into your jawbone through a surgical procedure. During recovery, the post will fuse to your bone for a permanent bond.

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    Dr. Roberson will complete, or restore, your tooth replacement. He will discuss a variety of options with you, including a dental crown for one or more single tooth replacements. Or, you may agree on implant-retained partial or full dentures if you are missing multiple teeth or a full arch.

The Advantages Of Dental Implants

With this restorative treatment comes a wonderful return on your investment, thanks to the following advantages:

    Dental implants may last the rest of your life, particularly when you maintain optimal daily dental hygiene.
    Implants offer the greatest stability of all prosthetics because the implant bonds to your jawbone, like natural tooth roots – whatever you ate with your natural teeth, you can eat with a dental implant.
    Your natural roots stimulate your jawbone to remain healthy when you bite down – implants restore this natural stimulus-based response, promoting continued jaw health.
    Implants physically prevent your remaining teeth from migrating into the empty space left by a missing tooth, thereby ensuring your existing smile remains in its current alignment.
    We offer beautiful restorations, for a gorgeous smile.
    We offer same day implants.
    Implant-retained partials and dentures promote a budget-friendly option for incredible stability.

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Your Dental Needs

If you are missing one tooth, two or more teeth side-by-side, teeth spread across an arch, or all of your teeth, and you want a permanent teeth replacement solution with unsurpassable stability, you may make a wonderful candidate for dental implants. However, implants require a healthy jawbone.
For a somewhat weak jawbone, Dr. Roberson may suggest same day implants. We complete same day implants within one visit. They require smaller implant posts and are less demanding on your jawbone.
Or in the case of severe jaw deterioration, Dr. Roberson may suggest bone grafting, a process in which he replaces missing jawbone tissue with your own healthy bone tissue.

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