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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Independence, Missouri

Sleep Soundly Again

Have you ever been told that you snore very loudly while you sleep? Do you find that you wake up in the morning with a groggy feeling, even though you are certain you slept through the night? If you suffer from unexplained exhaustion and have a track record as a snorer, speak with Dr. Roberson about sleep apnea. Through non-invasive treatment we may be able to treat this common sleep disorder, while guiding you toward comfortable, restful nights of sleep.


What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is often treatable by your dentist. We often use excessive snoring as an indicator of sleep apnea because both problems occur as a result of over-relaxed throat muscles.
When you sleep at night, the muscles that support your throat remain somewhat active, so your air passages remain open for comfortable breathing.
However, in some patients, the throat muscles relax too much. Partial relaxation results in snoring. As the tissues in your throat make contact while you breathe, the vibration creates the sound you know as snoring. When your throat muscles completely collapse, your airways become blocked.
In this moment, you will wake with a sudden gasp as your brain tells your body to wake up, so it does not become deprived of oxygen. This event occurs so quickly that most patients do not remember it upon waking.

Do I Need Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Dr. Roberson will examine your oral cavity, and will ask you questions about your daily experiences, as well as your long-term health. If he believes you would benefit from treatment of sleep apnea, he will recommend a sleep lab to diagnosis and coordinate treatment that will greatly benefit your life. Dental sleep apnea appliances can be the solution. Not only will you enjoy a restful night of sleep, but you can also prevent the occurrence of negative side effects, such as increased blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease.
To treat your sleep apnea, Dr. Roberson uses oral appliance therapy, similar to the treatment we provide for TMJ and bruxism. We will provide you with a comfortable device much like a mouth guard. You will wear the appliance every night. It will gently reposition your jaw, which promotes open air passages for effective breathing.

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The Connection Between Saliva, Sugar, and Cavities

How is dry mouth connected to sugar and cavities, you may wonder? Some of the bacteria found in dental plaque, namely the microbe Streptococcus mutans, are responsible for converting sugar and other carbohydrates into teeth-attacking acids. Saliva has in it buffering agents, diluting agents and immune cells. Without enough saliva, S. mutans can flourish in the environment created by dry mouth, producing exponentially more acids every time you eat or drink something. The number of ‘exposures’ to sipping or snacking on sugars or carbohydrates also exponentially increases the risk of cavities and decay.

Your Dental Needs

Your candidacy rests on whether you suffer from sleep apnea. While you will need to visit us for an appointment, consider the following common symptoms of sleep apnea for a better idea of whether this treatment may address your concerns:

    Your significant other experiences fatigue as a result of waking throughout the night from your events.
    Daily fatigue.
    Trouble concentrating.
    Dry mouth.
    Morning sore throats.
    Excessive snoring.
    Headache upon waking.
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