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(TMJ) TMD Disorders and Bruxism Treatment in Independence, Missouri

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Dealing with daily discomfort, such as jaw tension, can have a significantly negative impact on your overall wellbeing. Whether you clench or grind your teeth, or find that you suffer from pain that radiates from your jaw joints, discuss your symptoms with Dr. Roberson. We offer treatment options that can prevent the occurrence of permanent damage to your oral health, while improving your daily comfort and function.


What Are (TMJ) TMD Disorders and Bruxism?

In order to understand jaw discomfort, first become familiar with “TMJ.” Everyone has two TMJs – an abbreviation for your temporomandibular joints. These jaw joints connect your jaw to the rest of your cranium on either side of your face. Your TMJs allow you to open and close your mouth, and to shift your jaw from side to side. The following issues associated with TMJ function may result in discomfort:


    This occurs when the TMJs function improperly. Doctors cannot pinpoint a specific underlying cause of TMJ disorder (TMD), but can attribute a variety of stressors that may result in dysfunction.


    This disorder includes the grinding or clenching of your teeth. You may perform this act consciously or without awareness. Oftentimes, a friend or loved one will notice, or you will rely on obvious symptoms for a self-diagnosis.

Do I Need (TMJ) TMD Disorders or Bruxism Treatment?

If you suffer from TMJ disorder or bruxism, seeking treatment may prevent further discomfort, as well as permanent damage to your oral structures. Look over the following symptoms of these disorders to determine whether treatment may improve your daily quality of life:

(TMJ) TMD Disorders Symptoms

    A jaw that clicks, pops, or locks.
    Pain or tenderness surrounding your ear.
    Daily headaches.
    Tense or sore jaw muscles.
    Trouble chewing without discomfort.

Bruxism Symptoms

    Daily headaches.
    Eroded tooth surfaces.
    Chips on tooth surfaces.
    People around you hear the grinding sound you make when you clench or grind your teeth.

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Whether you have just begun to notice discomfort, or if you have suffered for a long while, contact us for an appointment. It is never too late to seek treatment for TMJ disorder or bruxism. Dr. Roberson uses a non-invasive treatment called oral appliance therapy, in which he provides you with one of several types of a hard acrylic mouth guard device.
By balancing your bite, and guidance of the bite and movement of the jaws, you will enjoy reduced stress and tension on your TMJs and teeth.

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By cushioning your bite, or gently repositioning your jaws for improved comfort, you will enjoy reduced stress and tension on your (TMJ) TMD disorders and teeth.
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